Why hire a birth photographer?

Why hire a birth photographer?

There are many reasons to hire a birth photographer. Having a baby comes with many dreams and plans, much like your wedding day. Having those loving moments captured between you and your family as your dreams become real will allow you to revisit and share this beautiful experience later as your baby grows up. It is not about capturing the process of birth but all about capturing the love, desires, and strengths that come through the experience.

A hired birth photographer is fully dedicated to capture the special moments throughout your labor and birth, freeing up Dad to focus completely on you and on his own experience as your baby is born. The moments captured can bring grandparents into the intimate experience of the birth of their grandchild to add to their joy of this new arrival, which may be especially important for those that are separated by distances that cannot be overcome to be present for this blessed event.

Your birth photographer brings experience in shooting in this kind of environment that sometimes is very tricky with low light or BRIGHT light that makes capturing these moments difficult. The creative eye of a experienced photographer sees the little things that make up the whole story, in a much more inclusive way, that may go unnoticed by others but when viewed later touches your heart from the memory it creates.

Will you take pictures of “down there”?

Modesty is always a consideration for Mom’s and completely understandable. As an experienced birth photographer I know how to position myself to get the images without compromising your privacy. Though some images may capture “down there” they will be captured with the utmost care in delivering the first moments of your baby’s arrival with beauty and care.

What about all the blood and yuck?

Though the birth process itself may be a bit yucky to those that may be squeamish, it is a very small portion of the whole story. I take the images in a manner that diminishes the yuck effect and can lessen the impact in post-production. You will certainly receive images that will not bring the yuck out and likely will be completely unnoticed.

What steps do I need to take to hire a birth photographer?

Contact me early if you are considering a birth photographer. Though it may seem like you have 9 months to plan, just as wedding photography goes, it is important to reserve the date. I can only contract to do 2 births a month due to the uncertainty of when your baby will actually decide to arrive. I require a deposit to secure your due date and I can arrange payment schedules to pay over time if that will assure your ability to capture such a special event.

We will meet to discuss your birth plans and get to know each other better. I am always available to answer your questions and to discuss your fears. I will want you to stay in contact throughout your pregnancy to keep me informed of how things are going. We will not feel like strangers by the time your birth arrives.

What happens when the time arrives?

I will begin call 3 weeks before your due date. When you begin labor you will need to begin communicating with me immediately, night or day. The timing of my arrival will depend on may factors such as number of previous deliveries, etc. You should have a designated person to make these timely communications for you (probably Dad as he will be right there).

Why should I hire 10 fingers 10 toes birth photography?

I not only have experience in birth photography but have been a practicing RN in Labor & Delivery and Neonatal Intensive Care for many years. I know all the behind the scenes processes of the birth environment. This can come in handy when it comes to being in the right place at the right time and anticipating what’s to come. I also keep your privacy in utmost care. I am here to provide you with a completely professional photography experience.

Contact me at janbarkerphotography@gmail.com   or   call 785-214-5990


3 thoughts on “Why hire a birth photographer?

  1. I am so glad that we had a birth photography at both of my daughter’s births. I will forever hold those pictures close! It is such a beautiful, important life experience that should be captured more often in my opinion!


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