Olivia’s Birth Story, A Generational Birth

This birth story began many years ago when I had a beautiful red headed blue eyed baby girl. She was the baby girl I thought I would never have. I had two beautiful boys who I loved and cherished dearly. They filled me with joy and life seemed pretty satisfying with them alone. I thought I was finished, but God decided differently and along came Caitlin.

Caite was a bright eyed inquisitive little girl who spoke her mind with little hesitation, melted your heart with her kindness, filled life with laughter and has been an endless fulfillment of mother/daughter friendship to this day. Thank you Lord for providing me with this gift.

As a Mom now she has given me the joy of being by her side during the births of her 3 beautiful children. There is no more joyful experience than to support, nurture, and in my case get to document the births of your own grandchildren. To see the strength your own daughter demonstrates in the most difficult labor of love there is in this world, birth, is the most fulfilling experience one could have. But with this birth I received the greatest honor of all. I got to deliver my granddaughter myself. I gleefully put down my camera, donned gloves and caught our Olivia…donned off the gloves and grabbed my camera again. The best!

I thank her midwife for offering up that opportunity and my daughter for allowing. What a blessing I will forever cherish.

Here is Olivia’s birth story, born August 28, (2 days after my own birthday) another special connection. She weighed 6# 2.5oz. She is perfect!

Jan is a birth photographer for the Kansas City, Lawrence, East-Central Kansas region. 


If you desire your birth story to be told through a cherished image collection, give her a call 785-214-5990 or email janbarkerphotography@gmail.com for more information.


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