Why hire a birth photographer?

If you are having a baby and considering if birth photography is right for you, give me a call and let’s talk.

10 fingers 10 toes birth photography

Why hire a birth photographer?

There are many reasons to hire a birth photographer. Having a baby comes with many dreams and plans, much like your wedding day. Having those loving moments captured between you and your family as your dreams become real will allow you to revisit and share this beautiful experience later as your baby grows up. It is not about capturing the process of birth but all about capturing the love, desires, and strengths that come through the experience.

A hired birth photographer is fully dedicated to capture the special moments throughout your labor and birth, freeing up Dad to focus completely on you and on his own experience as your baby is born. The moments captured can bring grandparents into the intimate experience of the birth of their grandchild to add to their joy of this new arrival, which may be especially important for those that…

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