Tiny Fingers Tiny Toes, a look into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

It is such a pleasure to volunteer for the March of Dimes to provide parents of our tiniest patients keepsake images to lighten their spirits and normalize their lives even if a little bit. We all dream of a perfect arrival of our babies and of taking them home to family and friends shortly after, but sometimes our plans become complicated by either Mom’s health or baby’s health and their arrival comes much sooner than we are prepared for. It is a very scary and frightening time. I hope these images brighten these parents day just a bit and allow them to see their babies from a new perspective of strength, vim, and vigor. They are all so special and oh so adorable.

The March of Dimes is a great resource for information and support, providing services to these families throughout their time in the NICU and connecting them with services beyond discharge.

I want to thank these parents for allowing me into their lives for a moment to meet and capture their beautiful little babies.

Meet Baby Jurnee:


and Baby Memphis:


and Baby Rafael:


and Baby Maxwell and Baby Church:


and Baby Huxley:


and Baby Tru:


and Baby Emmalyn:


and Baby Naomi:


and Baby Nova: