Roller-coaster ride in the NICU, not an amusement ride!

Having a baby prematurely can bring such a roller-coaster of emotions and feelings, and that’s understandable. You probably have already had your birth plans dashed because of the medical care required to care for you and then for your baby. You feel the elation of birth and welcoming your baby squelched by fear, often self-blame, uncertainty and a complete sense of lack of control over everything in your life. Tough decisions are now required often and you have so many questions. As a Labor & Delivery/Neonatal Intensive Care nurse I have to say, I understand and I encourage you to share your feelings of fear and anxiety, and ask questions. But most of all stop blaming yourself!

There are many resources available through the March of Dimes and I encourage you to reach out to them. They can help. The staff of qualified medical staff that are now surrounding you are there to listen, answer questions and inform. So share, ask, and listen.

I am Jan Barker, a volunteer family and birth photographer working with the March of Dimes to provide touching images of premature babies in the NICU. I work hard to provide images for families that will touch their hearts now and for years to come as their little ones thrive through very difficult times. I visit the NICU at Saint Luke’s Hospital, Plaza to capture the strength of these little babies, the love their parents have for them, and the joy they bring to all of us.

Meet Tristan & Trinity, quite loved by their BIG brother….


Beautiful Emma….


Sweet Harmony….


Precious Bethany….


Adorable little Trestan….


Darling little Brody….


and finally dearest Keidon


If you would like to contact me to capture images of your family, birth, or newborn please feel free to contact me through the contact form or at 785-214-5990. I would love to capture these memories for you as well.

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