It’s a Trio of Love, triplets in the Nicu by Jan Barker

I was so blessed to have the opportunity to capture this family together in the NICU at Saint Luke’s Hospital on the Plaza this week. I watched the joy and the love these parents have for these little additions, their excitement to hold them was overflowing. When patience and perseverance pays off in such a grand way, who wouldn’t be overflowing with excitement. I congratulate them on their tiniest little joys they shared with me and thank them for allowing me to be a part.

I provide these images through a volunteer service for the March of Dimes. The March of Dimes provides so many services to families of premature infants already born and their work in preventing premature birth has made great strides in improving outcomes for babies. I have been a proud supporter of the March of Dimes for 35 years, and am happy to provide these images to families.

Meet Richard, Christopher & Lorelei….


Once Held Within, Now Worn Close to My Heart

Before you were born, I held you within my body praying for your precious arrival. Now that you are on Earth, I hold you in my arms to comfort and cuddle you when this big world is uncertain. I’ll hold you so that you can experience the world with confidence and certainty. And one day, when you’re too busy to be held, I’ll hold your hand when you let me but I’ll always hold these memories in my heart”, …your Mom.

Little Olivia spends much of her time snuggled in close to her Mom, building a bond likely to never be broken.